Thursday, March 08, 2007

Killer Ray... or How to Avoid a Stingray Attack

1. Use extreme caution when entering the ocean. Shuffle your feet slowly along the sandy bottom to alert stingrays of your presence. Take small steps.
2. Do not wear khaki cut-offs and attempt to hug them. Crikey.
3. Do NOT, under any circumstances, prance around like a carefree young billy goat when exiting the water. To do so may result in pouncing on an unsuspecting demon ray, who will in turn unleash the wrath of a thousand banshees upon your ankle, filling you with poison and bloodying up your leg.

Ouch. The only good thing about the whole experience was the medical treatment. Within 10 minutes of walking into a pharmacy, an English-speaking doctor had already cleaned my wound, shot me up with anesthesia, and prescribed for me an antibiotic. Wow. I was amazed at the efficiency, casualness, and lack of any type of hassle or paperwork. Way to go, farmacia.

The little stingray that could issued a warm welcome to Joe and I to Puerto Escondido, home of the world-famous "Mexican Pipeline." The cozy factor is high, and we hope to spend the week seeking out surf breaks that won't kill us. We miss our buddies, but also look forward to new adventures in the state of Oaxaca.

P.S. When did Jesus join forces with Lion King?



Blogger James said...

Holy Crap, your in porto. Bet you guys wished you were bodyboarders.

Sorry to hear about your ray attack. If it were me, I would have gave that ray the moke treatment - made him go in for sure - maybe break his/her board.

We miss you guys. LA sucks, your better off in mex.


3/8/07, 3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heart stingrays.

3/9/07, 7:50 AM  
Anonymous nunu said...

you guys should paint little mermaid on your van.

if you want to be cool.

3/9/07, 9:33 AM  
Anonymous Marge said...

Ohmigosh Rach! They finally got you?!?!?!? Nasty little buggers, and to think all those times we practiced shuffling on the sand and they still snuck up on ya. I'm sorry Rach, sounds like treatment in Mex for stingray stings is a lot better than here in the states. Well, Matt and I are in post-Mexico depression and we wish we were back there with you. :o( Love you guys.

3/11/07, 9:03 PM  

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