Saturday, February 24, 2007

Paint: Mexico's Favorite Color

Crossing over the Sea of Cortez has introduced us to a Mexico even more vibrant with culture and scenery, along with my quarter-century notch. It's strange passing into the title of mid-20s without sharing a birthday cake with my lil bro and easy access to a phone connected to loved ones, thanks everyone for the well wishes.

A rigorous driving schedule partnered with smooth, multi-laned toll highways has delivered us to Puerto Vallarta, our pockets over $40 lighter with tolls (yikes). We've crossed into beautiful tropical jungles, as well as a plethora of tourist havens. Gringos seem to flock to all the same areas, for good reason as the beaches are pristine and the scenery is stupid pretty. Unfortunately the culture feels watered down with the addition of each sunburned belly peeking out beneath a wildly patterned parrot shirt. Reading signs in English again feels unusual, although our Spanish capability still feels like we're driving through sticky mud with wheels of wooden cogs.

Soaking in the colors and overall feel of our surroundings has been a pleasure. Mexico has so much to offer in the vibrancy of their landscape, and with the many coats of brightly colored paint over everything, tombstones and trees included. I love the unexpected colonial feel of the towns, as well as the intrigue of every dusty little pocket town lining the roads. Now if I could just work on that Spanish.



Anonymous Ellis & Diana Booker said...

J & R,
We had a blast w/ u guys on the SantaMaria! We went to the meeting place but got there too late 8:45, it was a little farther from our hotel than we xpected. Have a safe trip and we have enjoyed looking at the pics of ur adventures.
Diana & Ellis of Maryland.

2/25/07, 2:32 PM  
Blogger Lindsey & David said...

The colors are so pretty! I am hearing theme music from Nacho Libre and pretending I am a stow-away in your suitcase! -Linds

2/27/07, 7:45 AM  
Blogger Lindsey & David said...

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2/27/07, 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Worn Right said...

Viva la Mexico!

2/28/07, 3:50 PM  

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