Wednesday, February 07, 2007

CaraVANning is Fun

At last, Guntero has made some amigos. His new pals include Chris and his dirtbike-toting Biodiesel van, whose engine requires the use of a crank to start up, and Tyler, with his sleek Tacoma camper complete with aquatic toys. They go everywhere together, those three. Bumper to bumper they've worked their way down the coast of the Sea of Cortez, languidly settling on sandy beaches for the night, while their owners relaxed in the peace of having their own entourage.

They ventured to Ojo de Liebre, famous for its grey whale mamas and babies. You can take a small fishing boat out for a mere 30 bucks a person, and get within 5 feet of the underwater behemoths. A very cool way to spend the afternoon: chasing undulating grey mottled backs and tails, until you are too annoying and they dive away from you.

It's always good to have friends with special talents.

We head further south, amid schools of leathery retired motor homers. We long to see unvisored faces. Beaches are picture perfect pristine, the water is cold, and we are still aching to get some surf. But for now, some coronas, mescal, and tacos will fill the void.


Anonymous Joey's Maui Mama said...

Yeehaw, a caravan! That's good news by every measurement. The settlers knew the value of the wagon train, and now you've found your own. As Eccles. says, "Two are better than one, and a three-stranded cord is not easily broken". Another blessing.

Much love and safer travels!

2/7/07, 9:35 AM  
Anonymous Sara Henry said...

To the adventurers - Was so glad to read today that you are caravaning! Certainly, safety in numbers! You are in my prayers - this was one of the answers to my prayers (the caravaning) - Love, Grandma Sara

2/9/07, 11:09 AM  
Anonymous Worn Right said...

While you guys are slugging it out in picturesque baja I'm checking out Goya at the Guggenheim, strolling through Central Park at sunset alongside a man made reservoir and ducking out of -5 temperatures to have jerk chicken in Bed Stuy. Guess we're having about the same amount of fun. Keep Belize in mind. I know I will.

2/9/07, 5:17 PM  
Blogger kayhow said...

somebody's birthday is coming up soooooonnnn!

2/9/07, 11:13 PM  

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