Monday, November 27, 2006

Moments with Statues

At the risk of blasphemy, I won't describe how much of a disappointment my cheesesteak was from a reputable sandwich joint on South Street in Philly. Instead, I will say the presentation was immaculate, the chefs intimidating, and the meat slicer the shinyest. Way to go, Philly cheesesteak. Stay bland.

Our afternoon in Philly was dripping with history, which was actually pretty cool. We missed out on the Rocky steps, ogled the bell, and made friends with statues. Did you know that the horses on the streets of Philly have their very own poo-bags? I may be dense, but they were the first I had ever noticed: canvas slung beneath horsebums, heavily drooping with deposit. Brilliant.

A quick stop in Baltimore was rewarded with some really, really cute cousins. Lauren's favorite animal is a lion, rivaled closely by the giraffe. However, if you tell her playfully that you are going to capture her and send her to live with the giraffes, she will cry, so don't do that.

We spent an afternoon at the Capitol.

What can I say? I was impressed with the grand scale of everything, the beautiful structures and honorable monuments. It's larger-than-life and powerful, makes you feel proud of our country. Seeing the actual documents on which our nation is founded filled us with awe.

Then, somewhere after the Lincoln memorial and during FDR's, it hits you: where is that greatness today? Where are the leaders that managed our country's most difficult moments with honor, poise, and respect for both past and future generations? We asked ourselves these questions and were left with one simple bumper sticker: "Worst President Ever." Joe also decided that he is gonna run for President one day when he grows up.

For Thanksgiving, we headed to the hills of West Virginny, to meet up with Joe's sis and family. The snow left something to be desired at 4", but had no affect on the celebratory grand feasts of feasts. I love food, so much. We ate until our bellies ached, and had food left for 10. Then we watched a re-enactment of people getting eaten by sharks on Discovery channel and I had nightmares.

I found this freezing immigrant child on the slopes of Snowshoe, and quickly resuscitated her with some brandy.

Next on our agenda is exploring the South, I can't wait.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your photographs are simply amazing - atypically amazing. i love that you guys post so many pictures. it really adds a necessary depth to the tales you tell of your journeys. missing your presence in l.a. but so happy and excited for all that you are experiencing and seeing and doing....we like to live vicariously through your contagious spirit of adventure. thanks for that.

love and more love,

11/27/06, 7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"W" rocks!!!!

11/29/06, 6:58 PM  
Blogger Sleena said...

"Worst President Ever." You should make and sell those. I bet you'd be jillionares.

Love you guys! Keep warm up there.

11/30/06, 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

USC Haiku:

Booty Booty ouch!
Bruin loss - hurts like needles.
Back up plan: Rose Bowl

12/2/06, 6:39 PM  

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