Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Of Montreal, Buckeye Country, and Chicago

At last we made it to the elusive Eastern time zone, only about a month late. With stops along the way in Chicago, South Bend, Columbus, Niagara Falls, and Montreal we are now residing in rather cozy Portland, Maine. With so much to cover (and who couldn't talk about Columbus for days) I will stick to the highlights.

We had an awesome time hanging around with old friends and family for the weekend. The stay was packed full with drinks, dinner, more drinks, a Bulls game, cousins and babies, a chimp attack at Lincoln Park Zoo, and a funny night out at Second City. We were so impressed with the city, we even took an architecture tour by boat along the Chicago River. It's a great way to marvel at the impressive sprawl that would never have existed if we didn't decide to build a canal somewhere in NY (or was it Pennsylvania) about 150 years ago.

Millennium Park is now home to the sculpture that is affectionately referred to as "The Bean". This sleek silvery blob is the perfect compliment to the Frank Gehry designed ampitheatre next door.

If you ever want to watch 15 football games in one weekend, go to Columbus. Sure you can catch 15 games in any U.S. city, but Columbus is the only place where there is absolutely nothing better to do. Okay I'll stop with the C-Bus cheap shots. It's a great place to raise a family or go to Vet school. Again Rachel and I got to see old friends and cousins, along with the Minnesota Golden Gophers being destroyed in the heart of the Horseshoe. For those who haven't been to Ohio State, it is college football fanaticism at its finest. If Jack Nicholaus decided to create a one-world government he would have 300,000 troops ready to die for his cause in that town alone. Now that my Trojans have fallen I guess I have to give it to the Bucks.

While German Shepherds may have a nasty reputation as "cop dogs" they are actually some of the most loyal, loving animals anywhere. Especially when their master is a cop. (Thanks Wade).

There is a lot of water, and it is falling. Rachel and I spent the night living it up on the Canadian side. Breath-taking Natural Wonder + Über Tacky Intrusive Mini Vegas = Niagara Falls, Canada. We took the casinos for like $12....I mean 12$CA.

Buffalo, NY is actually more bleak than its portrayal in Buffalo 66.

Why didn't I come here sooner? Its basically a slightly colder version of Paris without all the a-holes. Again the architecture and culture have been most impressive. One walk around the Plateau Mont Royal (the neighborhood we are squatting in) and you'll pass Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Cuban, Japanese, Chinese, and Borsch restaurants. While the options are endless, sadly, it also makes me realize how much more fun big cities are when money is not an issue. Hopefully this reality won't completely break my bohemian spirit when it's driven home next week in New York.

Some of the original settlers of Quebec powered their rotisserie ovens by placing their pet dog in a contraption resembling a dog-sized hamster wheel.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah love montreal! glad you guys had fun. it was great to hang w/ you both in chi-town. can't wait to see you guys this weekend in nyc!
:) beth

11/8/06, 1:43 PM  

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