Monday, November 13, 2006

We Forted

So even though we may have missed the major fall, New England is still co-ho-zy. Old misty forts, historical seaside villages, brick buildings galore, and a few colorful leaves dangling here and there have fulfilled my longing for a taste of the east coast. At the moment I'm sitting next to a huge hissing fire with a snuggly brown dog at my side, content, clean, and still happy to be living in a van.

I hit a point in Montreal where not showering for 5 days and sleeping in an unheated box in 30ยบ weather did not seem so fun anymore. Baby wipes can only take you so far, and sometimes a girl needs to wash her hair just to stay sane. But thanks to Bally's Total Fitness for a "trial day," we left squeaky clean and headed toward the warmer coastal towns.

Both of our moods brightened with beautiful sunny days in Boston and Cape Cod, where we traipsed about Hah-vad and looked at maybe 1000 of Paul Revere's landmarks (oh, and this is where he stubbed his toe, and this is where he buried a dog once). One of the beauties of the east coast is driving time: a couple hours and you're in an entirely new state. The only downfall being Joe's accents, which have to change with each new surrounding. Luckily, we just got out of the "Kennedy" phase (aka Mayor Quimby).

Next up: probably THE most anticipated stop on the trip for me.... NY, NY


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Evan's,
You guys are keeping the Dream of van life alive. I now believe that it is possible....van life can happen, for all of us, just as it has for you two.....If only we dare to dream impossible dreams....

11/13/06, 3:32 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

Haha I would have to agree with the Evan's. Awweesome! Rachel good to see your booty still looks tight like a tiger! All that van life could change a girl. So happy to see you both again in fresh pictures. Miss you. Brugge turns 4 on Friday.. bless his heart. Izzy went to a bday party at Kam 2 and witnessed a shark attack.. nice! Love you both enjoy Wendy's house.. Good food good wine..good Jaegarmeister..good times.

11/14/06, 1:18 AM  
Anonymous Wee the Bee said...

Way to let me down gently, Rach... I thought Vrginia Beach was your mosted anticipated stop. I see how it is!

11/14/06, 5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Weenus. You guys told me that Chicago was your most anticipated stop. Have fun with my sister in NYC.


11/14/06, 7:51 AM  
Anonymous Joey's Maui Mama said...

How about a picture of Wendy in one of the next posts....we want to see her and you guys together since she hasn't seen Joey since he was 6 or something. She's a good friend to open her home to our vagabonds so hospitably!!! Give her my love for her undying friendship that now passes on to the next generation of Johnsons. She's an amazing woman, even though you will probably gloat together over the elections!

Have fun in NYC. Go see the American Bible Society in the city---they have a Gutenberg Bible there---the book that changed the course of history.
Love you both....

11/16/06, 7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought we were the most anticipated stop of the whole trip...
Uncle Emery

11/19/06, 1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we forted too...but far away from yours. we were in the bay area last weekend for david & anya's wedding and took an afternoon stroll down by the golden gate in san fran, by fort point. i recognize those mossy bricks...they had them at fort point too. glad to see you guys are enjoying yourselves. jim's mom is here visiting and she was kept quite entertained by your blog - i think she read the whole dang thing in one sitting! anyhoo...we miss you but enjoy it - especially the east coast fall...apparently it's going to be summer forever here in l.a. wish we could be with you there!!!

love much - kenz (&jimmy too)

11/19/06, 6:27 PM  

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