Monday, November 20, 2006

I Heart NY

We spent several days resting, knitting, and vegging on Joe's family friends' farm. Totally comfortable and satisfying, good food and company.

Falling a bit behind, here are some pics from NY:

Ground Zero

This Man Likes This Painting.

Don't Ask, Because I'm Not Sure.

Central Park.


Some Buddies.

I just loved the entire vibe of being in the city. Everything really does live up to its much-hyped and oversaturated status both visually and environmentally: the Park, the Met, Broadway, Bagels, 5th Ave Window Displays, Everything. It just feels like living, breathing art. We had only a few short days, but I loved (almost) every moment. (The exceptions being getting lost on the subway at 2am and feeling like my feet were going to fall off). We crammed so many things into 4 days, I'll give you a few highlights.

Les Misarables. Just finished reading it 2 months ago, and was in heaven with our 50% off tickets and my hero, Jean valJean, come to life. Really amazing. Awesome stage set, beautiful bold colors, drama... lots of singing. My only question being do they really need to sing EVERY syllable? I'm okay with it, merely posing the question.

Met + MoMa. Okay, you can spend dayyyssss in these museums. Aside from being completely overwhelmed, I tried to cram as much detail as possible into my head, from the most ornate piece of jewelry you have ever seen on the butt of a gun, to what seems like every painting you studied in art school. It was absolutely astonishing. I loved seeing art that actually makes your skin tingle. My favorite in person, though I'd seen it in print a million times: Andrew Wyeth's Christana's World. Ooooh and this really pretty Dali diorama painted on glass.

Central Park. Sure, it's expected, but for good reason! You can seriously wander around for hours, I love it. The fall colors were out, along with the fat-bellied squirells and super cute ice skating rink. Why doesn't LA have anything half this decent? Griffith Park, yah, it's so central. Then again, LA isn't really a city.

So far I think NY is one of the top places we could see ourselves living someday. Hope everyone had a cozy thanksgiving.


Blogger Jaime said...

I have to agree with you on the Les Mis.. We too bought the 50% off tix from the square and I thought the same thing.. so much singing for a musical but then again I was 8 months prego with Izzy and thought it was the hormones.. Your pictures of Wendy's made me miss her extremely.. she is so fun and always has the best Chardonay and Pinot one could wish for. Wendy if you read this, I miss you and come to Maui and stay with us!

11/25/06, 3:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Socal Spellout!!!!


Southern Califooooorrrrrrnia!

11/26/06, 11:34 AM  
Anonymous joey's maui mama said...

Ahhh, Wendy! How wonderful to see that wonderful woman again. Such a cute picture. She still doesn't look like a gramma, (although she's undoubtedly one of the best).

Seems all my kids find Wendy's home to be the real magic kingdom! Your pictures made me want to go to New York, too. What a place!!!
Love, Mom

11/27/06, 12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your visit. It was so nice to finally meet Joel. You are always welcome when you are in the neighborhood. I always enjoy getting together with family. Loren loved meeting you both. She kept asking where is cousin Rachel and where is Joel. We were glad you were able to meet the new additions to the family. We miss you and look forward to the next reunion of Kims.

11/28/06, 8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! move here! move here!
it was so great to hang with you guys in the city, especially at the best bar ever that we came across. haven't been back yet but definitely will. hope you enjoyed your time here! miss ya!

12/4/06, 10:34 AM  

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