Monday, September 04, 2006

Fairbanks: Good People with Moose

Alaska is substantially more beautiful than I could have imagined when compared to the tourist-infested shores via cruise ship (though those floating gluttony farms have their merits- aka the food). It truly is a raw, sprawling wilderness gem, vibrant at the cusp of fall.

We spent a few days recovering from the Alcan parked in a cozy, rainy campground in Fairbanks. To give you some reference, Fairbanks is the largest northern city, second in population to Anchorage. It's threaded by the mellow Chena River and is full of friendly, eclectic folks. Although we were unsuccessful in our attempts to view the northern lights (do you know how hard it is to wake up at 2:30 a.m. without an alarm?), we did manage to get some good times in.

We spent a day at Chena Hot Springs, stopping along the way to do a forrest hike. I've never seen such an abundance of fungi life, almost every footstep was interrupted by a macroscopic study of all the cute little organisms growing everywhere in every color available. Afterwards we headed to the hot springs, which at 156ยบ, need to be cooled and funneled into a man-made rock pond. It's an awesome place to relax, there's a spraying fountain in the middle for when you get overheated, tons of japanese tourists, and large flat rocks to lunge your lizardlike body upon. Not to mention, we had the softest skin every after hanging out for four hours or so.

Another highlight was a canoe trip down the Chena River. Now, when you go to rent your canoe from a crotchety old man, make sure you have him clarify what "six hours of paddling" means. Because if you don't, you may very well end up rowing back to his place in 11pm darkness, hoping your poor little gloveless hands don't freeze off.


Other than this minor technicality, we had a great time. Sandwiches were had, beers were drank, countless beavers were spotted and chased. And to top it all off, around dinnertime a friendly Fairbanks resident called out to us while we were passing his home on the river. His family served us an excellent homecooked meal, dessert, and then sent back down the river laden with moose pepperoni. Really, who could ask for more? Thanks Mick and family!

Next is Denali, the 6-MILLION acre behemoth National Park. I can only hope we shall dine upon moose, while spotting moose and drinking Moose Drool beer.



Blogger Sleena said...

I love the photos you guys posted. But...what are you doing in the one picture? Making ninja moves on a beaver?

Dinner from a random family. That's got to be on the highest scale of wonderfulness.

9/5/06, 4:28 PM  
Anonymous nunu said...

where's owange wig's owange wig?
u cut it off?
u did a good job. ya.

9/9/06, 11:35 AM  

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