Saturday, August 05, 2006

Things You Will Find On The Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast is windy.

On the Oregon coast, you will find men who feed ducks and know their species, and who reluctantly fish their wive's keys out of the mucky pond.

You will find sea lion caves with elevators built in rock, awesome squatting on cliffsides, cozy lighthouses, sand dunes, and rocks shaped like whales.

You will not find One-Eyed Willie's Treasure.

We're in Portland now, riding bikes, drinking $2 beers and visiting our nice friends, Crystal and Nick. Hood River, OR is next. Sorry for the lazy blog. There are lazy blogs in Portland.



Anonymous Joey's Maui Mama said...

Hi Honey and Miss R---Bradley is here not maintain any speeds over 70 fopicking up Noelle who's been playing with Izzy,and he says hello. He's found wierder things in the a/c vent, but you can get that info from him....

8/5/06, 7:51 PM  
Anonymous Joey's Maui Mama said...

I kind of blew that message from Bradley, but you can figure it out. Do you know about He was wondering....

Bailey wants to say something to you two: Nice bee hand! DONT forget the red spot! Bailey

8/5/06, 8:16 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

It looks so fun except for the claw thing, Rach did you make those curtains or were those the original(I know you had a real hankering for the fabric store the last day we were there)It looks totally cute in your new home and wine is essential! Peace out! J dog

8/5/06, 9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i like blog. them are neat.
make me want to go to trip? next time, will i come along!

8/9/06, 11:06 AM  

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