Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Yosemite is so amazing!!! I can't believe I've never been before... if you haven't been, GO!!! I was just absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was.

We felt instantly immersed into the outdoorsy vibe of our trip, with Günther's camping gear in full effect. Günth plopped down right next to some sequoias and bluejays and felt right at home. It's such an awesome ride, the pop-top bed is quite cozy, and once you get the stove, sink, and fridge working, it's like our own lil' home in a box.

We spent our days in Yosemite kicking our own asses back into shape. We figured a nice 5 mile bike ride up a potholed road was a great way to start. My legs were really, really mad at me. From there we hiked to this GORGEOUS lake, absolutely empty except for us, and ate sandwiches and swam and watched blue dragonflies hump eachother. Then came the fun part: riding down those 5 miles of potholed road, full speed, trying not to die. Soooo fun.

We spent the next day bike riding through the valley, taking in the impossibly massive slabs of granite and waterfalls and meadows. Along the way we saw naughty squirrels stealing people's trail mix, deers cruising close by, even a baby bear wandering through the forrest. From there we hiked up Vernal Falls. Talk about a stairmaster x 1000! Huge rock steps leading upward forever, cooled by the rainbowy mists of a giant waterfall. A hard hike, but such a payoff at the top.

From here we're headed toward the coast, and upward.


Anonymous Joey's Maui Mama said...

Yosemite is awesome, and you guys look like you are enjoying Mother Nature to the max. One of the great wonders of this amazing world of wonderful things.

I hiked Vernal Falls when I was 12 and remember well those slippery rocks on the way up and those never-ending steps. As you said, it's worth the trip!
Much love, health, and safe journey!

8/3/06, 12:49 AM  
Anonymous worn right said...

Yosemite never looked so good. Since television has been eradicated from my life you two are my latest reality show, unscripted (I think). Anyways the makeup effects on Joe's hand are amazing - so life like, so real. And your skills with photoshop are getting really good. I think I even saw reflections of bliss in Rachel's eyes. Truly spectacular. Bon chance mes amis.

8/3/06, 9:35 AM  

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