Thursday, October 05, 2006

Haines, Day 4

So guess what folks, we missed the ferry. Actually, technically speaking, one of the ferries caught on fire and now they're overbooked and we have to wait till Saturday. In lieu of flinging my arms up in exasperation and screaming at the sky, I've chosen the alternative: chopping my hair and digging into the continuous Alaska pretty.

This rad guy Bob at the local brewery listened to our sad story, filled us a 1/2 gallon jug of stout, and said "hey, you guys wanna borrow a canoe?" So we've been out on the lake our campsite overlooks, fishing for the latest run of salmon and avoiding the bears. Seriously, this area is teeming with grizzlies. We heard them growling right outside our car the other night, and saw a couple trudging up the river, eating salmon carcasses and looking incredibly cute with their oversized heads.

Haines is the epitome of Alaska, so much that's it's practically a cliche. It's to the point where we'll be driving (chuggging) along, and a bald eagle is soaring overhead against a backdrop of rugged fog-cloaked mountains streaming with waterfalls. Then the Star Spangled Banner starts playing.

We've changed our plans, due to Gunther's bad behavior. We'll be taking the ferry all the way to Washington, to fix our van troubles once and for all. For some reason, getting back on the Alaska highway doesn't seem like the brightest idea.


Anonymous Joey's Maui Mama said...

I looked up Haines online and it's pretty amazing. A good resting place for you guys with canoe supplied. Let us know when you are back in WA and in phone contact. A few Whistler questions....

We love you. Stay away from the grizzlies.

10/8/06, 8:19 AM  
Anonymous jenni b said...

hey racho!! i miss you!! your pictures are so wonderful. and i'm sorry about shades...i i'm still here being a teacher. haven't told them about you yet. maybe i'll get around to it. but then i might be embarrassed :) kidding! you two are the best! enjoy the tragedy, enjoy the beauty! and don't forget me! love jennib

10/8/06, 9:04 PM  

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