Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Long Live Gunther (Goon-thar)

At last, we've found The One. Early Monday morning we hopped on a plane with our hopes high and one-way flights to Phoenix, Arizona.

Even by 11am it felt like stepping straight into a nice toasty oven, at a comfy 105º. Our prospective seller and die-hard deadhead, David, picked us up from the airport. We didn't really know what to expect. After what happened with the last van (over $6k in repairs to make it road-worthy), we just wanted to find something that could get us through our trip, something that we could feel comfortable with. We pulled up to David's driveway and saw Him sitting there in the sushine.

Gun metal gray. Rasta red-yellow-green footpedals. Grateful Dead and Bob Marley stickers galore. A dusty vision of beauty.

After taking him for a few spins, we knew at the push of the gas pedal and with the corresponding roar that this was The One. He felt stable, strong, and unmistakenly cared for. David took good care of him, and took great care of us. Not to mention, he had a great dane the size of a horse, and a pet turtle the size of a small car. We drove away with a sense of confidence, a Dancing Bear beanie baby, and two power windows that would not roll down in 105º weather.

With six hours of miserably sweaty driving on our plate, we christened the van as Günther and sang songs about him. Günther is a warrior. Günther is a badass. Formerly known as Apache, Günther will take us around the continent and become our home. I can only imagine the crazy adventures he's already been on. We drove along, back to LA from Arizona and couldn't help but feel incredibly optimistic, even in the heat. We love Günther and can't wait to start our journey. Thanks David, if you ever look us up. We hope to leave early next week, maybe Monday or Tues...


Blogger JR said...

I will miss the old westfalia. Such great memories - pushing it across 5 lanes of traffic on fairfax when it decided it didnt want to run anymore, watching the gallons of water leak through the roof as Joe and I washed it. It was such a nice reliable automobile.

7/21/06, 7:55 AM  
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