Thursday, May 10, 2007

No more SNUBA for me, thank you very much!

After a lifetime of unfullfilling underwater exploits, Rach and I decided that it was time to get serious and obtain the one final credential that single-handedly seperates the driven from the aimless wanderers. That's right, we are now PADI-certified openwater divers. Three gruelling days of strenous breathing mashed together with mind-numbing study of underwater physics, and we emerged from the deep blue as different people. On top of our overall heightened metaphysical awareness, we are also now equipped with the necessary skills to begin a life as treasure divers like Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. What was that movie about again... oh now I remember, irrelevance.

For those of you out there wondering if you have what it takes to be PADI open water divers I can only say... maybe. Do you have drive, the belief, the physical prowess... and most importanatly the couple hundred dollars it takes to prove to the world that you have your crap together? Time will tell. Time will tell.

We are now Carribeanning our way back North at a furios rate. Bocas Del Toro in Panama was our first taste of the distinct food, music, and laidbacked lifestyle that exists uninterupted just a few hundred miles away from the Pacific. Panama and Costa Rica both seem like entirely different countries on the East side of the continental divide.

- JJ


Blogger Lindsey & David said...

I tried to become PADI certified in the 11th grade. My dad bought me all the gear and the course and when I got down at the bottom of the Lompoc Municiple Swimming pool with all that gear on, I had a claustrophobic attack and backed out. What a fool I was. One day I swear to finish my training and swim out to the open sea with dad. Come home already, for cripes sake! Missing you!

5/11/07, 8:21 AM  
Blogger Jim said...


I am so Happy to see this blog. It makes me so Happy to read it and to see all the Happy adventures that the both of you have been on. You both look like you have lost some weight. Somebody getting the squirts? All joking aside - love your pictures, they are beautiful. Can't wait to see you guys. When will you be back in LA? Did I mention that you shouldn't come back to LA? Me and Mackenzie went on a little road trip this weekend - except we're only going to San Diego - shame on us. What a remarkable journey you guys. Look forward to many more blogs before to long.


5/11/07, 9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome my new PADI brother and sister. I look forward to giving you the secret scuba handshake ... shall I make reservations for us on Spank Me for another Whitsunday dive-spectacular adventure?


5/11/07, 12:54 PM  
Anonymous Cox Rox said...

Make a request for Buju now you are on the Carib side of the world. Now that you guys and JR are PADI buds we can all go diving together and I'll be the lame one snorkeling on the surface saying how cool the dive was...awesome!

5/13/07, 9:53 AM  
Anonymous joey's maui mama said...

Finally certified! You have skills!

Now you can get jobs in Maui.

You can sit at the bottom of the Grand Wailea diving pool teaching tourists to buddy breathe!

Life is good! Be safe. Miss you!
Love, MOM

5/13/07, 3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laidback is definitely the style on the rasta side. It took us like two hours to have lunch when the place was empty!! It like two different countries pretty crazy. I can't wait to see and hear about your yucatan portion. I think that's where Janelle and I are going to be honeymooning. Alright friends we miss you and can't wait to see you guys. take care
Jay and Janelle

5/18/07, 7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're not going to update your blog, you may as well come home.

5/18/07, 11:00 AM  
Blogger Strangerhoncho said...

PADI is for pussies. Even disabled dudes can do it. Nude free-diving is the only true way to explore the deep.

I miss you guys. And the homeless miss your rejection. Oh, and by the time you come back to L.A., there could be a new used bookstore downtown....

5/19/07, 1:19 PM  

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